How long will it take my company to become UKASL accredited?

The exact time frames between formal application and grant of accreditation are very much dependent on the client’s compliance with requirements and its response normally it will take maximum 06 months.

What are the most important factors that affect the number of assessors?

The most important factor in determining the number of assessors that will be assigned by UKASL to perform an assessment is the size and breadth of the proposed scope of accreditation.

Our organization intends to apply for personal certification in the next several weeks. When should we enroll in?

Organizations that intend to apply in the near future should enroll in available personal certification programs as soon as possible. UKASL requires at least one PT activity prior to accreditation to demonstrate competency. It can take several weeks before a PT program can include you on the sample distribution list and this could delay your final accreditation.

Where we can market for ISO certifications?

The most important factors in providing ISO certifications is that it has a huge market. You can market to Schools, Institutes, Hospitals, Manufacturing & Servicing Industries, Govt. Bodies etc.