• To participate effectively in international accreditation.
  • To be recognized by the stakeholders as the value-adding and cost-effective provider of choice.
  • To support the credibility of the practice of the conformity assessment to national and international standards.


  • To ensure the competence of organizations providing calibration, testing, inspection, and certification services.
  • To achieve international recognition of the SCT ACCR. Services Limited.
  • To enhance the competitiveness of the Global industry.
  • To improve the industry system globally.


  • To provide an accreditation service in accordance with internationally agreed requirements.
  • To share improving the standards of calibration, testing, inspection, and certification globally to meet the requirements of international standards.
  • To provide assessment services in support of governmental regulations and initiatives.
  • To establish and maintain mutual recognition with overseas accreditation bodies operating to equivalent standards.
  • To reduce the need for multiple assessments.